We are pleased to introduce ‘New CKP Matrimonial Site’ a highly efficient, user friendly CKP Matrimonial services aimed at providing services at affordable price to all CKP match seekers and work as online data bank for our CKP community world wide.

Since we started in 2008, during last 5 to 6 years CKP matrimonial websites has been accepted by all Indian CKP Match seekers as a helpful tool for searching a perfect life partner. By knowing this fact, a user friendly web site has been deployed by our CKP Sabha, Vadodara which helps you to search a proper match.

We have also found that without a strong mediator, some people find it difficult to take a final decision. We play a role of a perfect mediator in such cases. All kinds of efforts are being taken by this CKP Sabha, Vadodara for providing information to the registered members for searching proper match with a very low cost i.e. Rs. 500/ – (Rs. Five Hundred Only) as a yearly membership fee. No other hidden charges are levied.

Once the membership fees are paid, information of newly registered member is immediately seen on the web site. List of the suitable proposals as per choice is provided to the new member immediately. Meetings with suitable parties are also arranged in the office as per requirement. Service to make necessary phone calls / SMS will also made available by the CKP Sabha, Vadodara in a short time.

We will be pleased to serve you for finding out the best match. There are many things to come don’t miss our regular mails.

In case of any comments / suggestion / feedback E-mail: ckpsabha@gmail.com